Fire Extinguishers - Do You Have the Right Ones?

There are five main types of fire extinguisher used in businesses and homes. Each is designed to cope with a specific fire hazard, but some are combination and can be used for more than one type of fire.

The table below gives information on the 5 types

Fire Extinguishers 220 x 214
Class A, B, C and F Fire Types and Electrical Fires

“Class A” fires are fires in ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth and plastics.

Flammable liquids are designated “Class B”, while burning gases are separately designated “Class C”. “Class F” fires are fires involving cooking oils or fats. “Class F” fires differ from conventional liquid fires due the high temperatures involved.

Electrical fires are fires involving potentially energised electrical equipment and can be fought with any extinguishing agent rated for electrical fires including CO2 and dry powder extinguishers.

Letters “A” “B” “C” “F” and a “lightning bolt” (electrical fires) can be seen on the image below.

Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire extinguishers are colour-coded to be easily recognisable in the event of a fire. Training of staff in the type and use of extinguishers is essential.

Fire Extinguishers information
A Complete Fire Extinguisher Package for Peace of Mind (and Compliance)

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