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Emergency Lighting Design, Installation and Maintenance

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Emergency lighting is the lighting system that comes on automatically if the usual lighting fails. It needs to be adequately bright on the escape routes (1 lux in most cases), illuminated for enough time (normally 3 hours), and the light sources so positioned that the staff and visitors of a building can be led out safely in an emergency.

There is a massive choice of emergency lights in the marketplace, a lot of which are not supplied with any photometric date. All emergency light fittings should be tested to prove the level of light they supply; from this test the manufacturer will issue a photometric data spacing table (sample attached). Only using this guide can the installing contractor guarantee that the installation will meet the lux level it was designed to be.

Lightning Fire Safety Systems Limited only design and install emergency lighting systems using emergency lights supplied with photometric data.

We recommend that all prospective purchasers of Emergency Lights ensure that the Fittings they purchase are supplied with photometric data and that the installing contractor issues a certificate at the end of the installation.

Emergency Lights should be tested once a year with a full duration test (typically 3 hours). If any fitting fails to last the full duration it should be repaired or replaced. 

Emergency Lighting..

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