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Electrical and Emergency Lighting

Lightning Fire have a number of qualified electricians, via our simPRO service software we can carry out the 5 yearly electrical inspection. This can be carried out either once every 5 years or to help split the cost we can test a % per year over a 5 year period.

Lightning Fire can design, supply and maintain your mains or emergency lighting systems; we are able to supply the latest energy saving LED products. These can be fitted with microwave movement sensors so when not in use the fittings can dim down to a lower light level or switch off completely saving energy until movement is detected.

Don't be in the dark about Emergency Lighting!

Are you and your company compliant with the regulations around emergency lighting and evacuation procedures in the workplace?

Building owners and managers have an obligation to protect people and assets – there’s no room for compromise. Failure to take reasonable steps leaves businesses vulnerable not only to the catastrophic loss of people and property but financial, legal, operational and reputational implications. Did you know, for instance, that by not being compliant, you run the risk of a fine or being imprisoned?

“There are experts out there in the field, go and talk to them, get advice and make sure your escape routes are clearly and adequately lighted as possible.”

Simon Furlong – Chief Fire Officer, Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue

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