For a BAFE SP203-1 scheme design quotation please contact our customer service team on 02392 268999 or complete our enquiry form here.

Lightning Fire Safety Systems Limited have achieved Certification from BAFE for the Design, Installation, Commissioning, Handover and Maintenance disciplines under the BAFE Modular scheme SP203-1 for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems. This scheme certifies companies to be accredited with third party auditing bodies on all of these disciplines. 

Choosing a BAFE SP203-1 approved company guarantees that the fire alarm systems specified, designed, installed, commissioned and maintained, are done so by suitable trained and qualified personnel with audited site visits undertaken by our accrediting body BAFE.

We can also offer a design and commission service to electrical contractors. We will design the system and issue a design certificate, the contractor can then install all of the first fix equipment, finally one of our engineers will commission the fire alarm system so we can issue you with a certificate. This reduces the contractors project cost as there is no need to employ a specialist fire alarm contractor for the complete fire alarm installation.

Lightning Fire Safety Systems Limited  are particularly proud to hold the BAFE SP203-1 qualification as we are one of a small number of companies locally who do so. 

In addition to this we are fully electrically qualified under the N.I.C.E.I.C. (National Inspection Council for Electrical Contracting) and as such are certified to install the Mains power supplies to our Fire Alarm equipment.

BAFE SP203-1 is an Insurance Company recognised scheme which ensures that companies that are certified undertake all works in accordance with the relevant British Standards (BS5839-1:2013 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems) and are on site, and office location audited.

We recommend that all prospective purchasers of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems ensure that the Fire Protection Company they choose are suitably qualified in the discipline that they require.  There are many BAFE schemes covering different fire safety disciplines such as, Fire Extinguishers (BAFE SP101/ST104 scheme), Emergency Lighting (SP203-4 scheme) and Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (SP203-1 scheme).  Being BAFE approved does not cover all the schemes, you may check what a company is accredited for on the BAFE website